Women's Gear: Spring Turkey Hunting

Originally I was planning to make this blog ALL of my favorite clothing items for hunting year round, then realized how overwhelming that’d be. It’d make a lot more sense to break it up by season, so with turkey season almost in full swing, I’ll focus on a few of my must haves for chasing those beautiful birds! I really tried to keep cost in mind because it’s easy to want EVERYTHING (trust me, I know), rather than think about needs. The product links will usually offer the items in multiple camo patterns, but I’d suggest getting everything in RidgeReaper Forest. It’s their greener pattern and works incredibly well for spring and early season fall hunts.


First of all, I’m super pale (shout-out to my gingers out there!) so I very rarely wear short sleeves when I’m hunting. Between a sunburn and just the extreme contrast between my skin and the camo, I just prefer a long sleeve shirt. However, if you like short sleeves, you can get the same material/style shirt here. The material is so light, you barely feel like you have anything on. Highly suggested!


These pants are so thin and flexible and hug you in all the right places. I really love that they’re slender cut all the way through the legs, versus having a wider pant leg at your ankles. They’re my favorite next to my UA Tactical pants (Coyote Brown & Od Green), which you’ll see me wearing on almost every hunt. I try to stay away from the solid blocks of color during turkey season because their eyesight is incredible, but occasionally I’ll still hunt in my tactical pants because they’re a rugged material with lots of pockets. They do not breathe like the early season field pant, and they have a wider leg so it’s just a completely different style.


This is a tough one for me because there are so many good sweatshirts, 1/4 zips, full zips, etc within the hunting line. Most turkey hunts I’m not interested in a jacket because I’m sweating, but I’ve had some chilly hunts too. I don’t like having to take my chest harness off to peel a layer off, and I can’t stand multiple layers on my arms because the comfort of pulling your bow back decreases with each layer you add to your arms. For that reason, although it’s listed for colder climates, I think a vest makes all the difference in the world, and it’s something you’ll use literally all throughout the fall too. Again, this blog is trying to keep cost in mind, rather than list all of my favorite items (the struggle is real). This particular vest is reversible, meaning you can use the solid black for ground blind hunting or even for an every day casual vest. I love pieces like this that fit into my life whether I’m in the field or not.


Do you need gloves during turkey season? No, probably not most people. However, I have really poor circulation in my hands and vividly remember multiple turkey hunts that my hands were cold so I keep these on me. These gloves are good to have year round anyway, especially when you’re in some nasty weather during late season and need a good liner for your heavier gloves.


I have a ridiculously large hat collection, but the mesh 2.0 is one of my favorite camo hats that I own. I’m only listing this item because UA has quite a few hats to choose from!

SHOES: WOMEN’S GRANGE 14” BALSAM GREEN (updated April 1st)

After walking many miles through creeks and swamps on a recent Alabama hunt, as well as a spot and stalk pig hunt through crop fields, I’ve changed my shoe of choice to these uninsulated rubber boots. My husband also loves his Lacrosse rubber boots and his style (pictured below) can be found here.

Side note: if you’re in a state with rattlesnakes, please invest in some snake boots!!! I often wear mine during turkey season, especially in rocky areas) after seeing TWO close friends get bit. It’s a scary thing and I can’t believe I went so many years without wearing them. I’ve worn these Rocky’s and I’m currently looking for something a little more convenient to put on, as well as something that’s not so hot.