Wilderness Attitude Podcast | Episode 139


Wilderness Attitude Podcast | Episode 139

Hosted by Brandon Waddell

We sit down with Jessica Byers of Follow Her Arrow & husband Braxton at ATA, one year since we last spoke, and what a year it has been. Jessica & Braxton talk about how their whole world came crashing down in an instant after Braxton suddenly lost his job, and in turn, lost their house & had to move into their travel trailer just 6 months after taking a leap of faith and uprooting their life to a new location. They talk about the struggles they had to face, the tough decisions they had to make, and how thankful they are for every positive moment they have gained from it. They also talk about their new film “Grounded” that debuted at Badlands film festival, the father-daughter bond that was strengthened after punching a moose tag and why feeding their adventurous souls is so important.