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Raise Em Outdoors // Austin, TX

501(c)(3) Non Profit. Federal ID # 81-5309642

Raise ‘Em Outdoors is to dedicated to helping kids from any back ground get outdoors, learn all about hunting, fishing, and bringing food to the table.  We want to help recruit the next generation of outdoorsman, teach them respect for wildlife and to grow as ethical sportsman. We have created a great program to do so, breaking past any barriers families may have! 

Year round we will collect new and gently used gear to give away to under privileged kids and families who may not be able to get any themselves.  In addition we will be hosting annual outdoor camps across the nation as an intro to the outdoors and to connect traditional families with non traditional families.  Kids will also have a chance to join our membership program, focusing on educating them on hunting and fishing. 

This site is here to help kids and parents who may need a little guidance or assistance in getting gea, learning about their outdoor interests, and helping protect our traditions of the outdoor lifestyle.