Total Archery Challenge Gear Highlight | Snowbird, Utah

Anybody that knows me, knows I'm a fan of first time experiences. This past weekend was the most epic adventure on the mountain, without actually hunting anything. Whatttt? Yes, my first ever Total Archery Challenge, paired with my first trip to Utah, is an experience I won't soon forget!

Total Archery Challenge is a 3D shoot that takes place all over the country, where you get to shoot multiple courses of 20+ animal targets in some of the most realistic situations. Living in Texas, most of my shots don't require me to practice past 40 yards, so shooting next to 90% Northwest hunters on the mountain (who sling arrows out to 100 yards regularly) was extremely challenging, but equally gratifying. Everybody wanted to help me however they could. Showing up with a bow that was only sighted to 60 yards didn't stop me from hitting some targets that stretched to 100 yards. I owe it to the people around me for hitting foam on those 70+ yard bombs. This is an event that I plan to attend from this point forward. It's an excuse to see some incredible views, be surrounded by knowledgeable people, and boost your confidence WAY up in multiple ways. For me, shooting long range is scary, but after getting a few shots under my belt, I was fearless. NOBODY cares if you're missing the target completely, and EVERYBODY is having fun! I feel silly that I was ever intimidated, and so accomplished that I went outside of my comfort zone.

After meeting so many wonderful people and catching up with old friends, I'm finally back home in Texas and trying to adjust to my extremely flat farm town again. Now that I have a minute to breathe (literally struggled all the way up the mountain with the elevation change), I'm noticing many of my social media followers are asking about the same thing over and over again - EQUIPMENT! I was able to talk about my must-haves on the mountain with some awesome people, but it's tough to sum everything up in a picture caption on my social platforms. This will cover some of my most asked about equipment over the weekend, and give you a sneak peak at some pictures that I've never shared!

Please note, if you're a loyal follower/reader, some of these items you've probably already heard about in previous blogs/posts of mine.

  1. Pack: Vanguard 2100RT Pioneer
  2. Bow Carrying Device: Bowsnatcher - the most asked about accessory on the mountain. It's a hands-free carrying device that mounts onto your pack. See a highlight video of it here.
  3. Binos: Vanguard Endeavor ED II 10x42
  4. Compound Bow: Hoyt Carbon Defiant 31
  5. Arrows: Easton Bloodlines
  6. Sight: HHA 3-Pin King Pin Optimizer
  7. Rest: HHA Virtus Rest
  8. Pants: Under Armour Tactical Pants - order 1-2 sizes up
  9. Nock Tool: Easily removes, aligns, and turns off your nocks