7 Most Anticipated Items of 2017

I'm laying in bed as it continues to pour down rain all around me - Hurricane Harvey is in full effect. Luckily, I'm in an area that's just getting a constant rain throughout the entire week. Naturally, I begin writing because I can't exactly go outside and shoot my bow. Side note: I'm thankful for AccuBow allowing me to work my muscles when flinging a few arrows isn't an option at the moment. With writing comes many thoughts, and my first hunt of the season is my favorite daydream. I've been receiving new product in the mail nearly every week, and I want to share my most anticipated items to use going into my season.

  1. Ultimate Predator Decoys
    A successful stalk on a wild hog using this decoy is one of my biggest goals! It would be epic to close the gap on foot while using a shoot through decoy on my bow. And a very realistic one at that!
  2. Bowsnatcher CLIP VERSION
    By now people know I'm a huge fan of Bowsnatcher, but I've always used the pin version on my pack. However, I'll have a 2nd one on the FRONT of me using the clip version on my waistband of my pack. This will allow me to easily put my bow down whether I need to glass or simply take a break.
  3. HHA 3-pin Sight
    Last year I really thought I was making the right decision to use a 1 pin during my elk hunt; sometimes you just have to figure it out on your own, regardless of what people tell you. This season I'm using a multi-pin adjustable sight, allowing me to have a pin at 20, 30, and 40 yards while at full draw. 3 pins won't clutter my sight housing, and 1 pin won't get me in a bind at full draw on a moving target. After 40 yards, I have an adjustable wheel to get those longer range shots right on the money. Essentially, I have the best of both worlds in terms of 1-pin versus multi-pin!
  4. GRAY Hardy Facepaint
    (Not yet released, but getting close!!) Another product that I've always used, but hello!! NEW COLOR ALERT! Gray is the perfect addition to my normal black, green, and brown. It provides a lighter breakup rather than just having a really dark colorful face.
  5. Horn Hunter Op-X Harness System
    A product that sits close to my body, fits my body frame (hallelujah!!), and includes an awesome range finder holder in reach. I've tried a couple different kinds and just wasn't a fan, so I'm grateful to have this particular one going into my spot and stalk elk hunt.
  6. Southern Racks Scent Control
    Every woman (no exaggeration) I know complains about scent free product and how their hair feels like hay by the end of season. I was hesitant to try yet another line of product, but I'm so glad I did. It's designed by a cosmetologist and it's safe for color treated hair. I love that it's scent free, versus having a strong scent to cover up others.
  7. Elite Game Changer Vest
    Braxton and I tend to argue about who is going to carry the loaded out AR-15 while we walk miles around the property spot and stalking pigs at night. Let me just say the gun almost always ends up in my hand, but not anymore! I found this hands-free gem of a product at Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza in Fort Worth a few weeks ago, and it's literally a game changer. It's a vest that holds your gun (and other accessories) on your chest and allows for a quick release option if necessary. Best part is that it doesn't dig into you - it's comfortable and allows me to scan the fields without setting my gun down. You can also rotate/lock the gun 360 degrees to be safe in any situation.