My name is Jessica Taylor Byers and I'm aggressively chasing a seemingly impossible dream that's slowly becoming my reality. I've hunted most of my life, but it wasn't until my husband put a bow in my hand that I noticed a passion evolving. Bowhunting exposes the good and the bad, challenging me and shaping me into the best version of myself each day. I credit most of my success to 3 things: the patience of my mentor and better half, the consistency of a determined mind, and solid marketing skills. With a B.S. in Visualization from Texas A&M, digital design is my avenue to display a passion for the great outdoors in a positive light. 


My motivation stems from the ability to inspire women and younger generations, but I'm forever grateful to see my audience expand every day. More than anything, I aim to show transparency in terms of the dedication, the missed opportunities, the emotions, the gritty details that are often pushed aside. Those are the times that we grow the most, yet want to hide from the world. The truth is that there's power in being vulnerable because it allows you to accept the good and the bad, and THAT'S what I'm here to share with you. Follow my adventures of success and failure, with tips and product knowledge along the way!